Frequently Asked Questions

How do your prices compare to other cabinet developers?

We pride ourselves on creating quality, artisanal products. Since every project is tailored and fully customized depending on your needs, we can adjust the price to fit any budget. What truly sets us apart is our unwillingness to compromise on quality – no matter your budget, you can rest assured your cabinets are both unique and best in class.

What is the average price per square foot?

We will provide you with a free, accurate quote so you know exactly what to expect. Due to the highly customizable nature of our builds and the number of different features available, our quotes are partially based on measurements but take many other considerations into account.

Why is your melamine better?

We use hard-core melamine in all our products, meaning the interior of our boards contains real pieces of quality hardwood. Hard-core melamine holds screws better and is stronger than most other products on the market.

How much does the average kitchen cost?

The average Hiebert kitchen ranges from $20,000 - $25,000. However, this is completely dependent on your needs and budget. We will work with your requirements to provide you with the kitchen of your dreams.

I want Hiebert cabinets, how do i start the process?

Start by giving us a call. We’ll set up an initial consultation at our showroom. If your project is a renovation, we’ll come directly to your home.

have more questions?

We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or visit our showroom.

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