“There is no limit to what we can create.”



Better together

Hiebert Cabinets is one of many home development-focused companies that make up the larger Hiebert Group.

Together we are a collective of experts across many different fields. We strive to continuously improve our products and stand out as industry leaders in Southern Alberta. The wealth of knowledge amongst the talent within Hiebert Group allows us to continuously improve our products and services. We’re incredibly proud of every member of our team and every single project we get to bring to life.


True to our southern roots

Founded by John Hiebert in 2004, Hiebert Cabinets is made up of a small team of designers and craftspeople in the heart of Southern Alberta.

Originally from Mississippi, John has been mastering his craft since before he can remember. No woodworking project has proven to be too big or small for John to create something spectacular. Throughout his career, he has crafted beautiful works of art ranging from magnificent grandfather clocks to roll top desks to wood convertible tops. Visiting our facilities in Bow Island, it will become quickly apparent that John’s passion for woodworking is contagious. Every single one of our talented craftsmen and designers share his stringent standards for woodwork. When you take pride in the craft you love, the result is something that anyone can feel strongly about.