Next thing to smelling the Hiebert difference: Our Videos

Our videos will educate you on our custom cabinetry and woodwork in Bow Island, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Calgary, and Saskatchewan.

Custom Hickory Mantel

When it comes to our woodwork, it's all about the fine details!

Unique Kitchen in Brooks, AB

Follow Tenille through this gorgeous custom kitchen for a customer located in Brooks, Alberta.

Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

Take a tour of this amazing homes cabinetry.

Custom Coffee Nook

Are you a coffee lover?

Hiebert Cabinets Show Room Tour Part 3

Rift oak display featuring custom designed cabinet doors.

Hiebert Cabinets Show Room Tour Part 2

Have a look at our vanity design in our showroom.

Hiebert Cabinets Show Room Tour Part 1

Start the tour of our awesome showroom!

Unique Floating Shelves

We built some custom floating shelves for a client to keep a piece of their old home.

Timeless Tips Part 1

Amanda gives you 3 tips to keep your kitchen looking timeless!

Custom Branded Woodwork

We have created custom cabinetry with company logos and branding engraved.

Guess the Wood Type Part 2 | Hiebert Cabinets Wood Challenge

How well can our General Manager identify different wood types? Let's put Tenille to the test!

Guess the Wood Type Part 1 | Hiebert Cabinets Wood Challenge

We put our staff to the test to see how well we can identify different types of wood! 🌳 How do you think we did?

Custom Floating Oak Shelves

Tenille shows off another one of our custom kitchens!

How we Custom finish our Cabinets at Hiebert Cabinets

See the level of detail that goes into our custom cabinet finishing!

Custom Designed Kitchen Tour

We Take you on a Kitchen tour of yet another gorgeous, custom designed (by the customer) kitchen

What we Make Besides Kitchens

In addition to kitchen cabinetry, we do offices, boardrooms, and more!

Custom Barn Style Kitchen Island Panel!

Tenille Shows off a custom barn style island panel in the Hiebert Cabinet's shop.

Dream Laundry Room!

Upgrading means making improvements! Here's just one of the ways that we try to make life easier for you, in the laundry room!


This is the quality and strength you get when you choose a company that has mastered their craft and cares about the outcome.

Pet Friendly Kitchens

Next time you come down to Hiebert Cabinets, bring your pet! We are fully pet friendly.

Brand New Kitchen & Happy Customers Pt. 2

Here's another look at Natalie and Duane's new kitchen in Lethbridge.

A Brand New Kitchen & Happy Customers

Natalie and Duane from Lethbridge recently got their Kitchen done with us, and this is the result!

Custom Kitchen Tour

Let Tenille guide you through our work in this GORGEOUS kitchen.

Jade Bathrooms by Hiebert Cabinets

We built ALL of these bathrooms! Did you know that all bathroom cabinets in Jade Homes Inc. houses are built by us?

Jade Kitchens by Hiebert Cabinets

We built ALL of these kitchens! Did you know that all kitchens in Jade Homes Inc. houses are built by us?

Hiebert Cabinets in a Jade Home

Here is a sneak peek of one of our Hiebert Cabinet installations in a Jade Homes Inc. build.

Custom Kitchen in Lethbridge, AB

Here's a fabulous Lethbridge kitchen that we built for a client!

Raw Hickory

The value of our work goes beyond its quality and design. As Tenille says, every Hiebert Cabinets job is unique.

How much does a Hieberts Kitchen cost?

What's the average price per square foot of a Hiebert Cabinets kitchen?

Why is our Melamine BETTER?

Find out what makes our melamine so long-lasting in the first edition of our new FAQ series!

Cabinetry Finishing

As you can see, we're not all just wood chips and saw dust. Hiebert Cabinets does all production in-house in create beautiful custom cabinetry in Alberta.

Tour Our Showroom

We thought we'd give you a more detailed glimpse of our showroom that we are so proud of.

Behind the Scenes of a Wood Shop

Here's a behind the scenes look at some of the work going on in our custom cabinetry shop located in Bow Island, Alberta!

Custom Oven Hood

Ever wondered what kind of work goes into our projects? Here, Tenille talks about the planning and thought-process behind this custom oven hood.

Live-Edge Wood Counters

The passion in John's delivery of this video says a LOT about Hiebert Cabinet's passion for our work.
Would you choose a live-edge board as an accessory in your home?

How to Clean your Wood Cabinets

Tenille has a quick home-sanitization tip for everyone!
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Mineral Oils for Countertops

Fine woodwork comes with the finest crafting practices. Watch this video to learn about Hiebert Cabinet wood mineral oils!

Barn Wood Trends

It's no surprise that the barn wood look is a popular trend, and with Hiebert Cabinets, your barn wood options are endless.

Stand In your Drawers!

Can you stand in your drawers? We'll let the video say the rest!